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4 Industry Applications for PIB-CVD

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In the world of thin film deposition, there are few techniques that have the versatility of PIB-CVD. Short for plasma ion beam assisted chemical vapor deposition, PIB-CVD is a cutting-edge thin film deposition process that can be used to deposit large area multifunctional thin films with greater efficiency as well as engineer new materials.  What… Read More

The Customer Application Development Center at Denton Vacuum

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Welcome to the Denton Vacuum Applications Laboratory Denton Vacuum has hit a milestone with the Customer Application Development Center, the Apps Lab, as we pass the 10-year mark. The CADC empowers innovation by producing state-of-the-art sputtered, etch, and evaporated thin films and evaluating machine performances with our cutting-edge tools. In the CADC, Denton has three… Read More

Enabling Thickness Uniformity and Control for Curved Optics

Spherical external surveillance camera on building facade

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One of the most important requirements for precision optics is thickness uniformity of thin film coatings. Achieving a high degree of uniformity on flat optics usually requires complex motion or restricted deposition zoned, which often lowers deposition rates. For curved optics, there is no practical way to achieve the uniformity needed through a conventional thin… Read More

What are the Benefits of Oxide Films?

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Oxide thin film coatings have a number of different uses, including optical and semiconductor applications. For these thin films, hitting the right specs is absolutely critical to performance. When those specs are reached with the right thin film deposition process, oxide films provide a variety of benefits. Benefits and Uses for Oxide Films In optics,… Read More

Thin Film Deposition System Requirements for Coating Companies

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For contract thin film coating companies, securing the right thin film deposition system, with the right enhancements for optimal control, manufactured by the right partner, is critical to business success. With significant growth in several target markets projected over the next five to ten years, thin film deposition equipment that enables both flexibility across multiple… Read More