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Utilizing Plasma in Chemical Vapor Deposition: Plasma Enhanced CVD vs PIB-CVD

Plasma Ion Beam Chemical Vapor Deposition

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In thin films obtained by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), chemical reactions are driven by applying heat to the substrate to be coated or to the area immediately around the substrate. Reactive precursor gasses are then introduced into the deposition chamber and react immediately with the heated substrate surface or combine to form new compounds that… Read More

4 Industry Applications for PIB-CVD

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In the world of thin film deposition, there are few techniques that have the versatility of PIB-CVD. Short for plasma ion beam assisted chemical vapor deposition, PIB-CVD is a cutting-edge thin film deposition process that can be used to deposit large area multifunctional thin films with greater efficiency as well as engineer new materials.  What… Read More

The Customer Application Development Center at Denton Vacuum

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Welcome to the Denton Vacuum Applications Laboratory Denton Vacuum has hit a milestone with the Customer Application Development Center, the Apps Lab, as we pass the 10-year mark. The CADC empowers innovation by producing state-of-the-art sputtered, etch, and evaporated thin films and evaluating machine performances with our cutting-edge tools. In the CADC, Denton has three… Read More

Thin Film Requirements for Emerging Display Applications

A 3D rendering of a foldable smartphone, showing the lock screen with the date in the left panel and the time in the right panel.

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As manufacturers look to introduce exciting new features to customers and increase device lifespan in consumer electronics applications, thin film coating requirements are beginning to change as well. Durability and performance continue to be critical but flexibility and ultra-thin coatings are increasingly in demand. Emerging display applications are seeing new form factors and a heavy shift… Read More

IR Optics Applications and Thin Film Considerations

person using heat sensor device on buildings

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Infrared optics, or IR optics, are growing in demand due to their ability to aid in navigation and surveillance in a few different markets. These optical devices differ from other optics because they deal with infrared light instead of visible light, which creates specific thin film requirements for their manufacturing. What is Infrared Light? To… Read More

Comparing Edge-Emitting Lasers and VCSELs

autonomous vehicles driving down a highway

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Edge-emitting lasers (EELs) and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are two different types of diode lasers. EELs are well established in the opto-electronics market, but there are some limitations for manufacturers. VCSELs are also well-established in opto-electronics (particularly datacom), but as the technology matures, they will be better equipped to address those manufacturing challenges… Read More

Thin Film Components of RF Filters

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There are two types of acoustic wave components that play a role in RF filter technologies: surface acoustic wave (SAW) and BAW (bulk acoustic wave). They are both important devices for filtering and amplifying RF signals in many applications using wireless communication, and a repeatable, high-vacuum thin film coating process is needed to ensure good… Read More

Opto-Electronics Market Trends to Expect in 2019

Fiber optic connecting on a core network switch.

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As demand for popular consumer electronics and next-generation technologies has risen over the years, the opto-electronics market has grown with it. Despite global trade tension and tariffs creating challenges in this space, companies are still expecting to generate revenue growth in 2019. Cree, Inc., cited these challenges as “headwinds” in their first-quarter 2019 earnings report,… Read More

Thin Film Deposition Solutions to LED Display Challenges

LED displays in Times Square

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The opto-electronics and display industry is expecting to see significant growth in several LED-driven sectors over the next decade. Precision thin film deposition will play an important role in boosting the performance of the various end-user applications that are being fueled by this growth, particularly LED displays. Types of LED Displays LEDs, or light-emitting diodes,… Read More